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Health and Community Services Training

The health industry, including community and aged care, is among the largest and fastest growing industries in Australia. Workers with nationally recognised qualifications in health and community services training are in high demand.

According to the Australian Government Website, the job prospects for aged care, community care and disability care workers are very good. Employment in this area is expected to grow very strongly in the next decade.

By 2019, there will be more than 5,000 aged care facilities across Australia. By 2019, 21% of the Australian population will be in the Aged Care Facilities. By 2050, nearly one quarter of Australians will be over 65, compared with 13 per cent today.

Australian Professional Skills Institute offers specialist training in the areas of Aged Care, Home and Community Care and Disability Care. Australian Professional Skills Institute’s trainers and assessors are highly qualified in their field, with a wealth of  industry knowledge and experience. Our trainers have a specialised interest in education and a passion to help students achieve their career goals. Over 90% of our graduates get employment after completion of workplace training.

All healthcare courses at Australian Professional Skills Institute offer a hands-on learning experience in well-equipped facilities in Wellington Fair educational precinct. These courses can also provide the ideal pathway to further study at university. Students can commence their Bachelor of Nursing Degree program after completion of  IV in Ageing Support and / or Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) and closer to become a registered nurse.

There has never been a better time than NOW to begin working in the healthcare and community services industry!

Health and Community Services Training Courses

A career in aged care is both personally and professionally rewarding

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