Quality Assurance

Code of Practice of Australian Professional Skills Institute

All policies and procedures of Australian Professional Skills Institute are compliant with the code of practice of the following Australian legislation:

Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS)

Strategic Objectives of Australian Professional Skills Institute:

  1. APSI’s training and assessment strategies and practices are responsive to industry and learner needs and meet the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses.
  2. APSI’s operations are quality assured.
  3. APSI will issue, maintain and accept AQF certification documentation in accordance with the legislative instrument under subsection 185(1) and subsection 186(1) of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 and provides access to learner records.
  4. Accurate and accessible information about APSI, its services and performance are available from its website in order to inform prospective and current learners and clients about their choice of studies.
  5. Each learner at APSI is properly informed about its services and their rights as consumers are protected.
  6. Complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently, effectively in a timely manner.
  7. APSI has effective governance and administration arrangements in place.
  8. APSI cooperates with the VET Regulator ASQA and is legally compliant at all times.

Quality Assurance System at Australian Professional Skills Institute

Quality training is central to Australian Professional Skills Institute training and service delivery as it is the best way to ensure that all students enjoy an enriching learning experience.

Australian Professional Skills Institute is committed to:

  • a client-centred approach in the delivery of services
  • industry-relevant training with regular consultations with industry stakeholders and industry training councils
  • continuous improvement in training and student support services
  • equity and equal opportunity in all dealings with internal and external clients

Australian Professional Skills Institute aspires to promote an international outlook that encourages tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism within its campus community. For this reason, all Australian Professional Skills Institute staff members are instructed in cross-cultural communication and provided support and encouragement to meet the needs of all students to help them to achieve their full potential.

Quality Indicator – Learner Questionnaire

Australian Professional Skills Institute is required to report to its regulatory body ASQA on the quality of its training and outcomes. All students who complete a qualification with Australian Professional Skills Institute are invited to participate in the following learner questionnaire. All surveys will be collated yearly and posted on our website for bench-marking.

Learner Questionnaire

Employer Survey

Employers of our students and trainees are invited to participate in this survey. Feedback from employers are important to us so that we can evaluate the outcome of our training.

Employer Questionnaire

Student Course Evaluation Form

All students are invited to participate in this course evaluation at the end of every term. This is a good opportunity for students to express freely and feedback on their trainers, course delivery, course content, assessments and if the student has achieved the desired outcomes. This survey provides valuable suggestions and feedback for continuous improvement.

Annual Benchmarking Report from NCVER

APSI prides itself as a quality training organisation in Western Australia.

A copy of the most recent Quality Indicator Benchmark Report conducted by AQIS can be download from here: 

2014: APSI_AQIS_Report 26.6.2015.

2015: AQIS_2015BenchmarkReport_27062016