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Student Support Services

A great study experience means successful study outcomes. At Australian Professional Skills Institute, our student support services team is here to help our students to create the best learning experience to achieve their goals. Our team can provide student support services such as administrative assistance, time management, counselling services, career guidance and resume writing, job hunting and interviewing skills, career guidance and further education placements. If you require any support and  assistance, please contact student services.

Counselling Service/Mental Health Assistance

At the Australian Professional Skills Institute (APSI), we are committed to supporting our students’ mental health and overall well-being, particularly acknowledging the unique challenges faced by international students. Adjusting to a new environment away from home can bring various concerns, including:

  • Personal issues (relationship difficulties, family matters, etc.)
  • Experiencing harassment in work or academic settings
  • Managing work-study-life balance and effective time management
  • Coping with stress, anxiety, or feelings of depression
  • Homesickness, communication barriers, and cultural adjustment challenges

We provide guidance and support for these and other related issues. When necessary, students are referred to specialised counselling services that are covered by their health insurance. Rest assured, confidentiality is maintained in all counselling interactions.

Partnering with StudyPerth for Enhanced Student Support

In our endeavour to offer extensive support, APSI has partnered with StudyPerth. Through this collaboration, we encourage our students to utilize the Wellbeing Support services provided by the Multicultural Services Centre of Western Australia. These services include:

  • Free counselling sessions, are available both in-person at the Multicultural Services in Cannington and virtually.
  • Tailored support to ensure students receive the appropriate information, referrals, and practical assistance.
  • A guarantee of confidentiality in all matters discussed.

This partnership with StudyPerth is a testament to our commitment to student welfare, ensuring that our students receive the best possible support during their time at APSI.

To book an appointment, you may either:

Organisations to contact for help

Sexual Assault Assistance

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC), located at King Edward in Subiaco, is the emergency sexual assault (rape crisis) service in Perth for females and males who have been affected by sexual assault (also called rape) or sexual abuse.

SARC provides a 24-hour emergency sexual assault (rape crisis) service in metropolitan Perth. This involves medical care, a forensic examination and counselling support to people who have been sexually assaulted (or raped) within the previous 14 days. SARC also provides counselling in centres across the Perth metropolitan area to people who have experienced sexual assault (rape) and sexual abuse in the past. SARC is a free confidential service, regardless of visa status/medicare/OSHC and interpreters can be arranged. It is NOT part of the police, however SARC will support a person’s decision to involve the police.

Find out more about SARC and how to use this service.

StudyPerth Student Support

APSI is a full member of StudyPerth, a WA State government funded organisation to support International students in Perth. StudyPerth Offers a range of student support services to international students from its members institutions. All APSI students are entitled to use these student support services. You just need to present your APSI student card to get free access to these services. Feel supported as an international student, every step of the way. There’s always something on for international students in Perth. Check out StudyPerth’s initiatives for international students below!

  • StudyPerth Student Hub: The StudyPerth Student Hub is a welcoming city location for all international students studying in Western Australia. It’s a place where you can come to study, hang out with friends or to meet new people and use the free facilities such as WiFi, tea/coffee making facilities and the Chill Zone. The Hub is staffed by Greeters who are students studying at Perth institutions who can relate to your experience as a student in Perth.
  • Upcoming Student Events: From employment workshops and destination day trips to other exciting social activities, StudyPerth hosts a range of events to help international students get the most out of their Perth experience. Check out some of the upcoming events planned for you!
  • Free Support Services: StudyPerth is committed to supporting and promoting positive wellbeing for international students through the introduction of these new FREE support services. From Monday 18 October 2021, all support services can be accessed either online using the links below or in person at Student Hub.
  • Jobs & Internships: There are many jobs available in Perth for international students while you study and after you graduate. Working while you study is not only a great way to earn some extra money, it will give you the chance to be part of the community and experience Perth’s way of life. It’s also a great way to practise your English if you are not a native speaker. There are a wide variety of full and part-time jobs in Perth for international students. Check out the information below and visit Jobs Board to start applying.
  • Volunteering: One of the best ways to meet people and feel more connected to the local community is to volunteer while you study in Perth. If you would like to give your time to the local community while doing something fun and meaningful, you should consider volunteering at one of Perth’s many charitable organisations or community programs. Volunteering provides you with new opportunities, many of which will help you learn about yourself and others, while offering pathways to future career opportunities. Having volunteer experience on your resume or transcript can also make you a stronger candidate when applying for jobs.

English Language Support

Australian Professional Skills Institute has links with many specialist English Language Schools in Perth to provide English language support to overseas students. Overseas students are required to provide proof of English proficiency when they apply for a course at the Institute. Some students may be required to sit for an English proficiency test to establish if they need further English support. To view our English partners refer to our: English language partners Page.

    Study Skills

    Our course coordinators and counsellors are available to help students to adjust to Australian learning environment. They can provide you with assistance on classroom participation and effective study techniques. Your course coordinator will meet you during orientation program. If you have any special learning or Study Support and Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Support (LLN) needs, please contact your course coordinator.

    View our Study Skills page to find a complete list of resources to help you build the study skills and lifestyle habits you need to experience success in college.

    Career Guidance

    Australian Professional Skills Institute provides pathways for students to advance their career or continue their education with universities. We have experienced student services staff and course coordinators who can give students advice on career choices, further education or workplace training options.

    Australian Professional Skills Institute invites guest speakers from universities, pubic and private organisation such as St George Bank, potential employers to come to speak to our students on various career options.

    Students are invited to visit career expos organised by various organisations in Perth so that they can gain a better understandings of their career options in Perth. Our hospitality students are invited to visit our partner organisations to explore their career options during and after studying with APSI.

    The followings are links to other popular job search websites in Australia.

    ProsPER Employability Portal

    Be empowered to advance your career journey, achieve your career goals and unleash your full potential through ProsPER.

    This FREE, comprehensive employability and career development portal is packed with interactive tools, valuable e-learning courses, career assessments and the latest job opportunities, all designed to get you job ready and navigating today’s job market with confidence.

    Think of it as your one-stop-shop for career development support and learning materials!

    Explore the My Career, My Tools and My Learning tabs above to see how ProsPER can benefit you.

    Sign up now to access ProsPER for free.

    Notary Services

    Overseas students may require documents to be attested from a Notary Public. Generally, these documents are documents that require to be sent overseas. Students can contact Notary Express for all Notarial Services.

    Please visit their website for further details: Notary Express

    • Attesting Affidavits, Acknowledgements & Statutory Declarations
    • Verifying Documents & Identities
    • Authenticating & Certifying documents
    • Certifying & Attesting Power of Attorney
    • Issuing Notary Certificate

    Legal Services

    APSI can provide some advice and guidance on a limited range of situations. Where the Student Services Manager feels it appropriate for you to gain professional legal advice they will refer you to an appropriate legal professional.

    Students requiring legal advice can contact Legal Aid, a limited free service that may be able to provide some legal advice depending on their legal issue or otherwise refer them to an appropriate alternative legal service. It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain any fees for any external legal service prior to receiving their services.

    To help international students understand their legal rights, StudyPerth also provides FREE multilingual and confidential legal advisory services via My Legal Mate. My Legal Mate provides answers to commonly asked questions about laws in Australia, as well as on-the-go legal information about any legal matter related to:

    • Employment and workplace rights
    • Private disputes and sexual assault
    • Education provider disputes
    • Housing/tenancy issues

    Through My Legal Mate, you can take part in brief interactive quizzes to better define your legal problem through a series of Yes/No answers. This creates personalised pathways that walk you through legal and non-legal remedies, along with links to helpful resources. They offer FREE in-person legal advice, delivered by Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre. Their in-person lawyer will be able to discuss your options and the next steps should you wish to take your legal matter further.

    You can sign up for and use My Legal Mate here.

    Self-Study & Research Resources

    You can look for research resources for your study at ones of WA’s largest libraries: The State Library of Western Australia and City of Perth Library, which are located within walking distance from APSI campus.

    You can plan your visits to and learn more about the libraries via the links below.

    Post Study Options

    You can learn about Post Study options via the link below.