Orientation Information

Date:                   22/04/2024

Time:                   From 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Please check details on your timetable.

Venue:                 Unit 12, Wellington Fair, 40 Lord Street, East Perth. 

Dress Code:        Smart Casual                   

NO ONSITE PARKING IS AVAILABLE. We do not recommend students to drive to campus since there is limited parking in the city.

What to bring for orientation:

  1. Your own laptop or tablet. Free Wifi is available throughout the campus.
  2. Your photo ID such as driver’s license/passport.

Important things to do before the orientation:

1.   Activate your Wisenet learner app

You will receive a separate email invitation to activate your Learner App with your username and temporary password. Your username is your email address. You can change your password once you login. Just click the link found in the email invitation to activate your learner app.

Once you activate your learner app, kindly verify your contact details by updating the fields labelled as: Personal and Next of Kin (address in Perth, email address, mobile number PLUS the name and contact details of someone in Perth whom we can call in case of emergency)

Instruction video on how to activate your Wisenet App

2.  Provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI) number in Wisenet App

Please click this link to obtain one if you have not had an USI number yet: https://www.usi.gov.au/students/create-your-usi. When you have your USI or your unique alphanumeric 10 digits, you can save it as well in your Wisenet learner app.

3. Organise your uniforms and tool kits (Commercial Cookery and Patisserie Students only)

Before commencing your course you are required to contact our chef uniform supplier – West Coast Uniform directly for uniform measurements. The uniforms and tool kits will be delivered to APSI campus and distributed to the respective students in Week 3 of your course.

For uniform order and care, please refer to the link: https://apsi.edu.au/courses/hospitality-courses/pha-front-of-house-and-cookery-students-dress-code/ 

Click Here To View: Hospitality and Cookery Students Dress Code For Classes

As a student of Perth Hospitality Academy, we prepare you to become hospitality professionals of the future. Students must maintain the highest standards of grooming and cleanliness and in particular are expected to adhere to the criteria. The dress code applies to all hospitality students including cookery students who attend in house classes.

Click Here To View: Aged Care and Community Services Dress Code For Classes

As a student of APSI, we prepare you to become aged care and community service professionals of the future.  Students must maintain the highest standards of grooming and cleanliness.  This dress code applies to aged care, disability and community service students who attend workplace training.