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Priority Industry Training Programs

Priority Industry Training Programs

Training a future WA skilled workforce

Some of the courses listed below are approved by the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) which administers the payments for eligible students enrolled with Australian Professional Skills Institute.

The institution code for APSI is 6P353.


Priority industry training programs and qualifications equip students to take up jobs in skilled occupations that are in high demand across Western Australia.

Priority industry qualifications change each year as the Western Australian economy changes. Qualifications that no longer align to the highest priority jobs in the State are called transitional qualifications. These transitional qualifications will remain on the Priority industry qualifications list for at least one additional year and are highlighted in the list. Importantly, transitional qualifications may be reclassified as general industry training in 2017 and attract a higher fee.

More information on how the Priority industry qualifications list is developed is provided here.

Priority Industry Training Programs

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