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Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia, is a vibrant, energetic city that offers a truly unique experience and is also one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, which is the nation’s largest state. Its superb position on the banks of the beautiful Swan River and nearby hectares of natural bushland in Kings Park make for a city centred on the great outdoors. Immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of city culture and stunning nature, from Perth’s burgeoning bar scene and open arts festivals, to its world-class beaches and expansive parklands.

For an upbeat tempo, head to Perth’s city centre. This vibrant area is lined with pedestrian malls jammed packed with a variety of shops. Stock up on stylish Australian fashions, buy some Aboriginal art, or simply sit at a cafe and watch the parades of people passing by.

You’ll also find find theatres, galleries and museums offering a kaleidoscope of entertainment, arts and culture. Step back in time and learn about the area’s colourful past on a free guided walk with the city of  Perth’s i-City Volunteers. All busses in the Perth city centre are FREE too. Use the CAT services, which are very popular for visitors – 4 routes visiting major attractions and dining strips.

Remember to connect your mobile device to the FREE “Perth WiFi” while in the city centre also and tell your friends about our extraordinary city!

All images on this page are credited to Tourism Western Australia.