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Hospitality Courses

Hospitality Courses

Overview of the Global Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is the third largest export earner for Australia. A career in the dynamic hospitality industry will offer you great career and opportunities to work within Australia and overseas. Hospitality careers are diverse, you can work in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, wine industry, operate as a franchise such as Subway, Boost Juice, Dominos Pizza, cruise line industry or coordinate in major events and functions such as the Royal Show.

Studying a qualification in Hospitality Management offers excellent employment opportunities upon completion of the course. Australian Professional Skills Institute’s hospitality training incorporates theory with practical on-the-job training. Workplace training provides an excellent opportunity for students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real life situation. Many graduates are offered employment opportunities during and after completion of workplace training. Australian hospitality qualifications are highly regarded throughout the world and will lead to a successful career in Australia or overseas.

Whether you are looking for a global career, or just the sills to land you first job in the hospitality industry, APSI has the right course for you.



Short Courses

At Australian Professional Skills Institute, we offer a number of short courses in hospitality that will provide students a quick and effective way to learn specific skills that will improve confidence, effectiveness and efficiency in a hospitality environment.

Partner Hospitality Employers
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Flair Bartending​
at APSI Hospitality Masterclass

Uniform Requirements

All hospitality students are required to wear in accordance with Perth Hospitality Academy Front of House and Cookery Students Dress Code while attending face to face theory and practical training on campus. When undertaking workplace training with host employers, students are required to wear the uniform supplied by the workplace and follow the dress code required by the workplace.

All hospitality students, including Food & Beverage and Cookery students are required to follow APSI hospitality department dress code for theoretical and practical classes, excursions or events that are scheduled during the course. The purpose of the Dress Code is to provide guidelines regarding appropriate dress standards to assist in the maintenance of an appropriate professional image set by APSI.

As an International student, we encourage you to purchase these items from your home country before your departure for Australia.

  • 2 to 3 white long sleeve business shirts
  • 2 pairs of black trousers
  • 1 black skirt for ladies
  • 1 black business style jacket
  • 1 pair of flat fully covered non-slip black shoes (make sure they are very comfortable)

We estimate that you will need 2-3 sets of formal wear for your entire period of study.

Non Acceptable Attire:

  1. See through white shirts
  2. White T-Shirts
  3. Low Cut White Shirts
  4. Short Black Skirt /Mini Skirt
  5. Tight leggings

If you are enrolled in Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery, your resource fee payable in advance will include the standard set of chef’s uniform and kitchen tools. You are still required to adhere to the hospitality dress code as specified above while you attend theoretical classes with hospitality students on campus.


Acceptable shoes:


Hospitality is not an easy industry, besides of what people think, and studying Hospitality Management at APSI is giving me all the knowledge I need to be part of it.

The school is very well furnished for practical and theoretical lessons and teachers have all long past experience on the field. There is nothing better than learn from someone how has been through all of this.

Rebecca Oldrati (Italy) – Diploma of Hospitality Management

My experience at APSI has been wonderful and rewarding. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and have a good understanding of the dynamics of adult education and how to handle a multi-cultural group of students. The lecturers displayed patience and are always willing to assist the students sort out any issues. They were very supportive for the duration of the course and made everyone feel welcomed from the beginning. The facilities are great and well maintained. The hardware and software used by the lecturers supported a blended style of learning for the students.

I enjoyed my time at APSI and would highly recommend this school.

Maxine Ling Wei-Ting (Taiwan) – Certificate IV in Hospitality

I have been studying at APSI for a year now and Claire Gordon is the best Trainer. She is very organised and very detailed when she delivers her units. She is very patient and always has time for you one on one if you haven't understood something. She is always willing to help, responds to email straight away. I have enjoyed my studies with Claire being my trainer, and I would recommend APSI to all of my family and friends.

Lizzy Kavochi Kote – Diploma of Hospitality Management

The trainers at APSI are professional and full of knowledge and experience, as they worked in Hospitality industry for many years. They are willing to share their experiences in various situations, and it will help you to overcome any difficulties.

Furthermore, resources and assessments at APSI are also helping you understand more about the part of management. Those knowledge will assist you in the future.

Now, I’m a café manager in a restaurant. Although it all depends where you work, the fundamental which has built in APSI do help me a lot during work. And I have referred to the resources that I did at school to clarify things sometimes.

In the nutshell, APSI provide a good environment for students. You will have more opportunities for your career path (under the circumstance of learning/studying hard).

Fang-Ru Chou (Taiwan) - Adv. Diploma of Hospitality Management

Student Testimonials

I started studying at APSI when I finished Year 12. I was introduced to APSI by my teacher in high school. When I first started, the work was difficult for me to understand, but I felt more confident because the teacher guided me. APSI really helps people to grow and it is really amazing.

I started with the Certificate III in Hospitality and since that moment I’ve learnt that I can do much better and develop more skills, also, I have built up my confidence. Then I went to my workplace training which was a challenge for me. I studied at the institute and I took the knowledge to the practical training.

When I started I didn’t trust myself. I was really surprised at being here. I find that APSI helps you achieve your goals and helps you to find a job which you are happy with. The opportunity is always there and you need to go and get it. So when I finish this course I want a open a small business – a cafe.

Fatima Kanneh (Ivory Coast) - Diploma of Hospitality

Student Testimonials

I am studying Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and I came to Perth as I want improve my professional career. My family has a guest house and I would like to help in the family business. When I go back to I’ll put in practice all the knowledge I am acquiring in my organization.

I am happy in APSI since the first day. We have a really good teacher, who is very passionate and you can see that from the way she teaches. We can feel the emotion she brings into the class and how she makes us love hospitality more and more. She helps us a lot.

The students are from Australia and different countries. It is a great opportunity to learn a lot of things about culture. And also the atmosphere is friendly.

Cecilia Auguste (Maruitus) - Adv. Diploma of Hospitality