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Perth Hospitality Academy Front of House Student Dress Code

Dress Code Requirements

As a student of Perth Hospitality Academy, we prepare you to become hospitality professionals of the future. Students must maintain the highest standards of grooming and cleanliness and in particular are expected to adhere to the following criteria. The following dress code applies to all hospitality students including cookery students who attend classroom classes.

Within a hotel, back-of-house refers to the areas where employees do not come into contact with guests and so dress standards are more relaxed. At Perth Hospitality Academy, this applies to the classrooms only. All other areas are deemed “front of house” – i.e., there may be members of the public present, and the highest presentation standards of students is expected.

If you are an International student, we encourage you to purchase these items in your home country before your departure for Australia.

  • 2 to 3 white long sleeve business shirts
  • 2 pairs of black trousers or 1-2 black skirts for female
  • 1 black business style jacket
  • 1 pair of flat fully covered non-slip black shoes (make sure they are very comfortable)

Black Business style jacket are to be worn:

  • While in class, or attend any events or functions. Note the jacket can only be removed once in the training room and in hot summer months
  • On duty or shifts or functions associated with your studies
  • During open days and new student orientation


For Female Students

  • All business skirts must be knee length
  • Stockings must be worn when wearing a skirt and be natural colored or black.
  • Head scarves are to be black only (used for cultural, religious or medical reasons).
  • Cultural jewellery is acceptable but must be worn under uniform.
  • Make up should be simple and natural. (In many hotels make-up is actually an essential part of the uniform and large department stores have professionally trained make-up consultants who will be happy to show you how to apply make-up to present a professional image.
  • Use perfumes sparingly to smell clean and fresh. Avoid overpowering musk perfumes.
  • Bright colored nail polish is not permitted; however, natural tones such as French polish, nude or flesh can be worn during Diploma and Advanced Diploma units.
  • Only one small earring, plain stud or sleeper is to be worn per ear (on the ear lobe only). Wear gold, diamond, pearl or silver studs no larger than 10mm in diameter.
  • Only one very fine short gold or silver necklace may be worn.
  • Females will be required to remove any item of jewellery considered inappropriate, unsuitable or excessive.
  • A maximum of two conservative rings per hand. No rings on thumb or index fingers.
  • No excessive hair accessories are permitted.
  • Female hairstyles and colour must be conservative, worn off the face, clean and neat. Hair colour must be a “natural colour”, defined as one that could be grown naturally, though not necessarily the natural colour.
  • Footwear are to be plain, black leather, non-slip court shoes with a rounded toe, (boots are not permitted, however flats are acceptable). A higher cut court shoe or single strap across the arch of the foot is acceptable, however, there should be no decorations of any kind, including bows, coloured stitching or decorative buckles. For safety reasons, heels must not exceed two inches (five centimetres), and may not be wedge heels, foam rubber heels or platforms. No suede, patent leather or elastic fabrics allowed.
  • Shoes must be leather, in good repair, clean, comfortable and well-polished at all times.
  • Business socks are to be plain black when wearing trousers.
  • No socks to be worn under stockings.

For Male Students

  • Beards or moustaches must appear to be fully grown, neat and trimmed. However, students should be aware that the grooming standards of the majority of international hotel chain stipulate that males must be clean-shaven and without facial hair. Those choosing to have facial hair may negatively affect their chances of securing a position in international hotel chain for workplace training. Sideburns must not extend beyond the earlobe nor may they be flared in a “mutton chop” style.
  • Shoes are to be plain, black-laced, leather business shoes or business style slip on with non-slip soles. There should be no decorations of any kind with the exception of ‘brogue’ style business shoes. Ankle boots are not permitted, nor are buckles, excessively pointed toes, coloured stitching (such as on Doc Martins) or slip on.
  • Plain black business socks only to be worn.
  • One conservative ring is acceptable as is one plain small stud in the ear lobe. No earrings (other than stud) or other visible jewellery to be worn with uniform. No rings on thumb or index fingers.
  • Males will be required to remove any item of jewellery considered inappropriate, unsuitable or excessive.
  • Hair must be conventional and neatly trimmed to above the collar. Male hair colour must be a “natural colour”, defined as one that could be grown naturally, though not necessarily the natural colour. “Wet look” is not acceptable.
  • Only black belts may be worn.

General Personal Grooming – For both Male and Female students

  • Ensure your business jacket is always clean, well ironed and worn correctly with no stains, holes, or buttons missing.
  • Fingernails should be clean and trimmed.
  • Name badges must be worn on the left lapel of the jacket and cared for (shiny and unscratched).
  • College pins must be worn on the right lapel of the jacket.
  • Footwear must be in good repair, clean, comfortable and well-polished at all times.
  • Sunglasses are to be removed when inside the function centre and training rooms
  • Male and Female shoulder-length hair should be fully tied back (no pig tails). All hair accessories are to be suited to match natural tones of the hair. Hair is to be fully tied at the back of the head (not on top).
  • Over coats, puffer jackets etc. outside of the business jacket are to be removed inside any training rooms.
  • Shower daily and use deodorant.
  • Visible body piercing is not acceptable (including facial area and tongue). You are required to remove them while in class and during industry placement.
  • Tattoos are to be covered and never visible when in business attire.
  • Smoking is only permitted at the designated smoking area, which is at the end of Moore Street, in front of the cable gate of the staff carpark. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere else around the outside or inside of the building.

Non Acceptable Attire for both male and female students

  1. See through or low cut shirts
  2. T-Shirts or long sleeved shirts
  3. Any visible shirt worn under the APSI logo shirt
  4. Mini Skirt
  5. Tight leggings
  6. Black, brightly coloured print and obvious lace-patterned undergarments are not acceptable.

Please note when you are doing workplace/industry training, you are required to wear the uniform as directed by the individual host employer.

Acceptable Hospitality Front of House Attire Examples

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Example of acceptable attire

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